Combat Trauma Care-1

This intensive 2-day event is a very special opportunity to learn potentially life-saving skills and practice them in conditions closely replicating those in real world violence. This course has been carefully designed to address the realities in YOUR world – not that of a SWAT team. While these concepts and skills are closely related, the glaring difference of a lone civilian providing critical trauma care in a hostile environment is the absence of adequate fire support and cover, as well as team assistance in accessing and utilizing the tools. This training consists of two very long and intensive days of didactics, psychomotor skills, and reality-based scenario training. Physical and psychological stressors are utilized to introduce students to the realities of critical incidents in a safe and productive manner; allowing them to improve their performance in austere/suboptimal conditions without developing “training scars”. Training munitions and UTM gear will be utilized during the course of this seminar.

What you will learn:


X (Surviving)

• get off the X

• eXterminate threats

• stop eXternal bleeding (Direct pressure, pressure points, tourniquets, pressure dressings, clotting agents.)

A (Airway)

• Airway maneuvers (nasal pharyngeal airway, needle/surgical cricothyrotomy)

B (Breathing)

• identify and treat tension pneumothorax

• identify and treat sucking chest wound

• identify and treat flailed chest

C (Circulation)

• identify and treat shock

• identify and treat internal bleeding Selecting, staging, and improvising emergency medical equipment Performance under stress/stress inoculation


Psychological impact of violence/trauma (for patient and caregiver) Day One will be dedicated to learning and practicing trauma care skills – identification, treatment, and gear selection. On Day Two you will learn armed fighting skills. The application of those skills and knowledge, as well as trauma-care techniques, will be practiced in high-pressure scenarios in various conditions and setups on a two-way “range”; utilizing UTM weapons and munitions in addition to your trauma kit and improvised gear. Our courses are carefully tailored to each specific student: whether they be military, law enforcement, and/or civilian. YOU are training to care for YOUR loved ones or those for whom YOU are responsible. . . for handling threats using resources YOU may realistically encounter in YOUR daily life. Because if YOU are there, are trained, and are willing, YOU are the perfect person to make a difference.


When: Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of every month. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Where: Patriot Protection in Plano, Texas What to bring: Open mind, enthusiasm, note taking materials

All medical and force-on-force gear will be provided and is included in the seminar fee, as well as 50 rounds of UTM ammunition. Attendance is strictly limited to 25 participants. Instructor-to-student ratio will be 1:5. Lead medical Instructor: Jeff Hensley – Former US Army special operations medic/clinical instructor, former MCSO SRT medic / flight paramedic, presently practicing anesthesia, firearms and combatives instructor.

Force on Force training: Larry Sanders and the Patriot Protection staff