The single action pistol comes with a curved back on its grip. When the gun is fired and goes into recoil, the strong hand has a tendency to climb up the pistol’s curved grip. This upward motion of the hand causes the web of the strong hand to be wedged firmly around the bottom of the hammer, preventing the shooter from cocking the pistol for the next shot.

The best way to grip the gun is to lock your little finger at the bottom of the grip. This keeps the hand from slipping upwards when the gun goes into recoil. Complete the grip with your weak hand, making sure to position your weak hand’s forefinger on the trigger guard front. This acts as leverage against the cocking motion that the weak hand thumb has to perform, a nessessary procedure which prepares the pistol for the next shot.

The strong hand must have a strong, firm grip on the pistol. The weak hand must have a relaxed grip allowing it to cock the single action pistol’s hammer in a smooth and quick manner.

Gripping the single-action pistol may feel different if you are used to shooting a 1911 semi-automatic pistol. But if you spend a little time practicing this shooting tip, you will be shooting it out with the top cowboy pistoleros in no time at all.