You can make more money as an armed security guard, but only if you have the proper certification.

This 40 hour course can be taken in 10 four hour classes. We provide the Level III training and certification as required by the State of Texas and the DPS, including both classroom and live range qualification. This is the Texas certification required to qualify as an Armed Security Officer, you must have previously completed the Level II certification. Completion of the state forms is up to the students, we cannot submit them for you. You can find them here.

The officer is taught common security topics related to his or her daily responsibilities.

Subjects Covered:
Private Security Act
Texas Penal Code
Professional Ethics
Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Public Perception
Shotgun & Handgun training
Use of Force & Deadly Force
Commission Rules
Arrest Authority

Instructors from Cutty Protection and Security will be on hand.