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Applicants must be at least 21 years of age (unless active duty military) and must also meet Federal qualifications to purchase a handgun. You must complete the form in full, and pay all fees. Many factors may make individuals ineligible to obtain a license, such as: felony convictions, some misdemeanor convictions, including charges that resulted in probation or deferred adjudication; certain pending criminal charges; chemical or alcohol dependency; certain types of psychological diagnoses, and protective or restraining orders. The state eligibility requirements are here: GC §411.172. The federal firearms disqualifications are here: 18 USC 44 §922.


Applicants for a first time License to Carry LTC (previosly called CHL) should submit an online application, and schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Applicants must also complete four to six hours of classroom training, pass a written examination and pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting). All classroom and proficiency must be conducted in Texas by a LTC instructor certified by DPS.

Upon successful completion of the training class, the instructor should provide each student with a Certificate of Training (CHL-100). It is the student’s responsibility to submit this form to DPS to complete the application. Instructors should not submit the form for the student.

You can get the application HERE.

For any further questions, please see the Texas DPS page.